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Jacobi talks to Māori Television’s Media Take about the TPP

Watch Jacobi on the TPP – Media Take

Stephen Jacobi talks to Maori Television about the TPP

Getting our dux in a row

Stephen was interviewed by the Herald on Sunday about his school career and advice for students today.  Read the article here

Relieved parents send their kids back to school tomorrow for a new term full of hopes and dreams for the future. Joanna Mathers tracks down five former duxes to find out the secret of their success and to see how life turned out.

Trade and resilient agri-business

Stephen spoke to the Federated Farmers’ annual conference in Wellington on 2 July.  Read his speech here.

Resilience is about equipping farmers to survive and prosper in the face of external shocks and stresses – be they climate-related, or pests and diseases, or to do with currency or some other economic factor.

Trade agreements that level the playing field have enhanced New Zealand farmers’ international competitiveness, and greatly expanded our options in terms of diversified markets.

More open trade has given New Zealand farmers strength and flexibility to withstand the shocks of drought, or events like PSA, or a high dollar, or going head to head with massively subsidised competitors.

It is trade that links food supply from New Zealand with rising demand in global markets and the changing needs of global consumers.